Hi Everyone out there in amateur radio land

My name is Debbie and my callsign is 2E0BAF. I live in a town called Carlton, which can be found on the eastern side of the wonderful city of Nottingham, England. Home of the legend who was Robin Hood and the place that the English Civil War started many years before I was born apparently!

I have been licenced since May 2005 and hold a UK intermediate licence and at the moment I’m not planning on upgrading to a full UK licence any time soon.

I’m currently running an Icom IC-705 QRP rig for most of my HF QRP work via the AH-705 tuner and outputting a massive 5-10 watts into a 9 meter (29 foot) end fed random wire antenna about 9 feet off the ground. While this antenna should provide really bad performance I actually find it works brilliantly to my surprise and joy!!! I have recently added to my shack the Yaesu FT-710 rig replacing my Yaesu FT-891 to give myself the option of using 100 watts for those occasional DX QSLs across the pond and further afield.

I also use an Icom ID52E and a Yaesu FT5D via a Zum hotspot and I like to have my old but trusty Icom IC-R20 scanner sitting in the background.

Finally, I use an SDRPlay RSPdx software radio running SDRUno software. I’ve only recently started using this and I’m now beginning to understand the power, flexibly and functionality of the SDRUno software.

73s and 88s

2E0BAF Mission Control