Month: April 2024

  • SDRPlay & SDRUno

    For a while now I’ve had an SDRPlay RSPdx radio sitting to the side of my desk but I’ve never really given it the time it needs and deserves to get it up and running properly. So, yesterday (Friday) I sat down from 6am and made it my mission to sort out and understand the…

  • A New Yaesu FT-710 In The Shack

    This past week I’ve decided to upgrade the Yaesu FT-891 to something a little more modern so I pulled the trigger on purchasing the Yaesu FT-710. There where a number of reasons for this. When I bought the FT-891 a few months ago I wanted something small to sit in the corner of the desk…

  • Something Interesting Is About To Happen!

    Not going to say what just now but later today DPD will be dropping of a new toy for the shack. Drop back in for an update in a few hours.

  • Antenna Mk-III Up And Working

    Yesterday saw the implication of my Mk-III 9m long end fed random wire antenna. Mk-I was a test of concept and consisted of a 5m long end fed random wire into a 9:1 unun strung between 2 light stands. This confirmed that (a) the AH-705 would match the antenna and (b) I would be able…

  • Icom IC-R15 On The Way

    I’m a little bit intrigued to hear that Icom are about or have already released a new handheld scanner. I was rather hoping for a successor to the amazing R20 and R30 but it seems that the R15 is anything but a successor. I’ll grant that it is going to be a much lower price…

  • My Old Shack

    I’ve come across a polaroid photo of my old shack before I boxed it all up and sold it several years ago. It brings back a lot of old memories and made me smile when I found it. It consists of the following kit.

  • Almost No Background Noise On HF Bands

    I really can not believe just how lucky I am. Across just about every HF band open to me I get almost zero interference/Background noise. To say I live in the city and I’m in a large block of flats there is NOTHING!

  • Antenna Modification

    At the moment I have VERY limited space to put any sort of antenna up on a long term basis. What I have now is a 9m long random end fed wire going into an LDG 9:1 Unun about 12 feet off the ground and located in a gap between my block of flats and…

  • I’m Now A .com!

    Couldn’t resist it and at only £2.50 for a full year of registration I bought 2E0BAF.com yesterday. So if you now visit http://2E0BAF.com it automatically bounces you to my http://2E0BAF.co.uk as if by magic!!

  • Too Many Screens?

    Personally I don’t believe it’s possible to have too many screens when you are playing radio. To this end I have done a little hunting through some storage boxes and found my old iPad mini and pressed into service for QSO logging via QRZ.com. To be honest, if I’m working voice contacts on SSB then…

April 2024