A QSO With S51DX!

Take a long look at the face of this man because this is the face of a man who doesn’t deserve to hold an Armature Radio Licence.

This is
Ob Ljubljanici 4

A man who brags about getting 700,000 QSOs recently on his QRZ page.

This morning (28th March 2024) at around 09:00 UTC I was listening to him working a lot of stations but NOT in a contest on 20 meters and I even had a very short (blunt would be a better description) QSO with him and it left me feeling very sad. I always thought that Amateur Radio was friendly and open to people of all levels and skills with respect for other operators being key to how you conduct yourself on air. But this man was aggressive, condescending, bullying and really just a prime example of how not to be an Amateur Radio Operator.

I hope he reads this post one day and maybe even thinks twice about his attitude to others. But somehow I suspect this man is so stuck up his own backside he won’t change.

A sad day for Amateur Radio!!

Update Friday 20th March 2024

It seems that S51DX did take the time to read my comment above and he sent a reply to me. In fairness to him I have decided to publish his reply to allow him to give his views. See what you think.

Thank you, lady!
I read your comment on:

I try to give the QSO to as many stations 
as I can, The band was empty and I think
to give interested QSO to anyone…

There were at least 100 stations from England
on the band and I made more than 80 of them.

But to make so many QSOs I need to be fast,
not to talk much and shorten the QSO procedure.

No, problem for me, Debbie, I still think you need
to learn much. 

You are not in my log for the QSO you mentioned,
so there must be something wrong with it. 

I’m ending the discussion with you. 
I’m polite as much I can be, but I expect nice
manners from the other side too. On a rudeness,
I will always react the same way…

So cute lady but so negative person!

de Janez S51DX 

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions but it seems he thinks I have a lot to learn about Amateur Radio and I completely agree with him on that point. I think the day we stop learning and think we know everything is the day we stop growing as human beings and we close our minds to new and exciting things. For me the matter is now closed.