Fancy Ass RG-58 Coax & PL-259-Plugs

I’ve decided to upgrade the coax and PL-259 connectors running out to my end-fed random HF antenna. I’m going to stick with RG-58 coax as it’s only a short distance from my shack to the antenna so cable loss is not a massive concern, but instead of the junk I got from Amazon I’m going to use Messi & Paoloni coax and connectors from Martin Lynch & Sons.

I’ve placed the order which should be here in a few days, I’ll fit the connector to one end of the cable and hopefully my farther can pop out towards the end of the week and help me fit it to the antenna. And at the same time make sure all the connections are in good order. Once it’s fitted we can route it back to my flat, through the window and I can trim and fit the PL-259 on the other end.

Not sure if I will see any improvment but it won’t do any harm and if I have enough RG-58 left over (which I should have) the I might consider upgrading the coax to my D-130 discone at the same time.