How Can They Do It So Cheap?

Yaesu Power Cable

I have a little project planned to make a new power lead for my Yaesu FT-710 using a pair (positive/negative) of Anderson Power Pole connectors and inline 30amp fuse holders to make it quicker and easier un-hook my radio should I need to.

I started looking for a standard 4-pin Yaesu power lead that I could cut up and use for parts and there are plenty to pick up from the main online radio suppliers like Martin Lynch & Sons and Moonraker but they were all going for about £25 – £30 and that was a little expensive for something that I’m going to cut up and that might not work when I’m all done.

So I did a bit of searching on the old inter-web and I found the same 4-pin Yaesu power lead with inline fuse holders on eBay for just £7. Reluctantly I have placed an order for this much cheaper power lead and I say reluctantly because it’s (a) coming from China and I don’t like buying things from China and (b) it’s going to take 6 weeks to arrive!!!!

Guess I don’t have much choice other than shelling out the £30.