It’s So Bright!

New Ham Shack Clock

I treated myself to a new Ham Shack Clock this week and it arrived in the post yesterday. Un-packed it, powered it up, set the time and date and placed it in the best location I could find to give it an “always on” power supply. I have to say that it looked very good with it’s bright green display.

Now, because I live in a very small flat my shack is also my bedroom so last night I turned in and went to bed as normal. Only problem is that my shack/bedroom was now being lit by a bright green floodlight and what’s more it was a flashing bright green floodlight so sleep was just not going to be an option.

So, I unplugged it, wwnt to sleep and this morning I have relocated the clock and now it’s connected to a power supply that is only switched on when I’m running my radios which means I can sleep at night again!!

A Footnote/Update
Sorry to say that after having this Ham Shack Clock for just over a week now I’ve relocated it to the dustbin. It randomly sets off alarms that have not even been set, it changes the year whenever it feels like it and it makes other changes entirely on it’s own whenever it wants to. Piece of junk.